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fiesta de techno


fiesta de techno

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A member of the family said earlier that neighbors had come in to “form a human shield.”

Saturday 28

Saturday 28

NY mix

1 Barnett & Coloccia - So, How Much Do You Know About Me? (Blackest Ever Black) / Rene Hell - Var Len (PAN)

2 Andrey Dergatchev - Underwater (ECM)/The Avalanches - Pablo’s Cruise (Modular)/The Body - Darkness Surrounds Us (RVNG Intl)

3 Ovatow - Visitation Dub III (Harbour City Sorrow)

4 Vril - Torus II (Giegling)

5 Gunnar Haslam - Kohle (Beats) (LIES)

6 Mark Ernestus Vs. Konono No. 1 - Masikulu Dub (Congotronics)

7 Sowing Paranoia - Primary Mirror (Subsist)

8 DJ Spider & Franklin D’Acosta - Buzzsaw (Killekill)

9 Fishermen - The Four Skulls (Skudge White)

10 Szare - The Belt Of Rule (Frozen Border)

11 Eduardo de la Calle - Blade Runner (Mental Groove Records)

12 Markus Suckut & Edit Select - Asperity (Reprise) (Edit Select Records)

13 Go Hiyama - Inveterate (Hue Helix)

14 Acronym - Nabu (Tresor)

15 Abdulla Rashim - Aksum 5 (Abdulla Rashim Records)

16 Sigha - Loop Six (Avian)

17 Dalglish - Oidhche (PAN)

Entry and exit
Barriers to entry are high.[3] The most important barriers are government licenses, economies of scale, patents, access to expensive and complex technology, and strategic actions by incumbent firms designed to discourage or destroy nascent firms. Additional sources of barriers to entry often result from government regulation favoring existing firms making it difficult for new firms to enter the market.[4]

Number of firms
“Few” – a “handful” of sellers.[3] There are so few firms that the actions of one firm can influence the actions of the other firms.[5]

Long run profits
Oligopolies can retain long run abnormal profits. High barriers of entry prevent sideline firms from entering market to capture excess profits.